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7970 Registration Problem

We have some new 7970's with 5.0.1 load. When I connect to the same port I just removed a 7960 from, I can not get the phone to register with CCM. If I manually provide IP info on the phone the phone TFTP's the new load (5.0.3) and registers ok. I can then switch back to DHCP. I know the port is setup ok as the 7960 works and once the new load is there so does the 7970.

I guessed I was hitting the following bug:



The 7970 IP Phone will be stuck at the Cisco Logo screen or otherwise be

locked up.


The date is January 1st, 2004

The date is on or after Febuary 29th, 2004


Upgrade to Phone Load 5-0-3-0s or later and power-cycle the 7970s to download

the new Phone Load.

The 5-0-3s load is available here to registered users:

The file name is cmterm-7970-sccp.5-0-3.exe.

If the phone hangs on boot up and does not upgrade to 5-0-3-0s, you must reset

the phone to factory defaults as follows. Note that the phone must be on a

network providing an IP address and TFTP server address using DHCP. The

Alternate TFTP setting is erased when using this procedure requiring that the

TFTP server address be provided by a DHCP server to get the phone upgraded.

1) Power off the phone

2) Hold down the '#'.

3) While holding '#', connect an AC adaptor to the phone.

4) Continue to hold '#' until the line buttons blink amber.

5) Release the '#' key.

6) Enter: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 * 0 #

7) The lights should change color from amber to red. The phone is now resetting

to factory defaults.

I followed the above info first for the first phone, got the amber lights, then red then green - so assume phone is set to factory default. I now can not get the phone to download the 5.0.3 load. I cannot manually add ip info. The phone just sits there flashing the green lights. any suggestions before I send it back?




Re: 7970 Registration Problem

Try upgrading the CCM to CCM 3.3.(3)sr3 . This should solve the problem.

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Re: 7970 Registration Problem

Thanks for your reply. We are already running 3.3(3) SR3. We have also upgraded to teh 6.0.1 load to fix BST issues.

Problem seems to be getting worse. If I set the phone to have manual settings for ip, it downloads the load and registers ok. I then switch back to DHCP and everything seems ok. If I then power cycle the phone it will not reregister with CCM. This seems to have started to happen since I plugged the phone into our new 4507. When the phone was on a 3550 and was switched back to DHCP it was able to be power cycled without a problem. 7940/60 are fine on the 4507. Any ideas?



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