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911/Emergency outbound calls

Is there a way to configure CallManager and/or the gateway to make a trunk/channel available when calls are placed to 911?

For example, we have a VG200 with a PRI for voice. If all 23 channels are in use, and someone needs to call 911 they'll get a busy signal. This is not a problem during normal use, but could become a problem in a catastrophic situation.

I could reserve one channel for emergency use, but it should rarely be used.

This requirement is in the telephone specs from an architect. The specs are not for us, but it started me thinking...

Any ideas?

Steve Barr

Madison Local School District

Community Member

Re: 911/Emergency outbound calls

Another idea would be to purchase a 2FXO card and two analog lines and use them for 911 Overflow calls, then you are not using a pri channel and you have a safe backup incase all lines are busy...


Re: 911/Emergency outbound calls

There is no way to tear a call down for the 911 call today. In fact, even should the ability to do this come out, it is debatable as to whether it would be recommended. How do you know which call to preempt? If someone is talking to their doctor about chest pains, should the 911 "test call" or the call to 911 to report a fender-bender in the parking lot take precedence? Obviously one can make an example where a 911 call should take precedence over all others, but the same can be done for "less important" 911 calls verses important "routine" calls.

At this time, the suggestion for a couple FXOs for 911 overflow is probably the best way to go if you need this capability. These can also be used for power-failure service (assuming no battery backup on the PRI) if using the NM-HDA, or by using a power failure transfer panel.

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