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a lot of short/speed-dial numbers!

We have customers that were using 'speeddialnumbers' in their PBX (Ericsson MD110), that were 5-digit numbers (88XXX).

This MUST be implemented in the callmanager, we want to use translation-patterns, but the website of the TranslationPatterns doesn't support large-quantity-items. If we have more than 200 entries it takes too long for the site to build up (no wonder!)

Is there a real limitation for Translation patterns?

Does it affect the services/speed of processing if you have a lot of translationpatterns.

We want to use an ldap-server, but the customer has a lot of 7910-phones :-( .

Can anyone give me an advice?



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Re: a lot of short/speed-dial numbers!

Have about 400 TP's for the same reason. No performance problems with their usage that I know of. Have heard speculation of system speed dial in near-term CM release.

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Re: a lot of short/speed-dial numbers!

We uses Device Profiles and forward all the calls to the number we want

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Re: a lot of short/speed-dial numbers!

There are a number of ways you can implement this, and translation patterns is just one of the ways. Using CallManager 3.1 or later you should not have this problem of displaying a large number of entries on the screen in CCMAdmin, since Route Patterns and Translation Patterns now has a "Find" window that comes up first, similar to finding phones.

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