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AA name dialing problems

I'm running CRS 3.0(2) and having problems with name dialing using ASR. The system recognises the user and says dialing "name" however does not complete saying "the phone number you are trying to reach is out of service". The user has a primary extension set.

Any ideas??

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Re: AA name dialing problems

Do you have Partitions and CSS configured? If so, try to give the CTI-Ports the correct CSS for transfers.

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Re: AA name dialing problems

I checked that and still recieving the same message. It looks like the ASR is not refreshing the names into the grammer file. Logs on the callmanager are saying "An LDAP client has issued a request specifying a control which is not supported."

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Re: AA name dialing problems

Hi Ashley,

I´m now running the same scenario as you and it works. Did you use the SNU.aef to upload a spoken name for the user?

I did the following:

I created a Callmanager-User, configured it as a primary extension. On the CRA I configured the SNU-Script to upload a name for a user and did that. Finally I use the english language for my auto attendant, with the german language, I´m not asked to dial by name.

Hope there is something, that helped your....


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