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We recently upgraded from CM 3.1(3a) to 3.3(2) Service Pack C and since the upgrade, IP phone users see the message *AA*NOT SUITABLE FOR DATA# on the IP phones when making calls to the PSTN. The phones are predominantly 7940s with a few 7960s. This started off as intermittent occurance but seems to be developing into a consistent display as it is seen more and more.

My end cust has a CM with two E1 gateways to PSTN, each one to separate Telco. These gateways are on an 8-port WS-X6608-E1 on a Cat 6509. Normal operation routes outbound calls over primary gateway and receives inbound calls via the secondary, though if the either gateway fails all calls route over the remaining gateway.

The call connects as normal so this is technically a cosmetic issue but as all users see this message it has quickly become very political. We have tried routing the calls the other way around which made no difference, so we put it back to normal. We're in talks with the Telco to see if there is anything they can do to suppress sending this message out, as there does not appear to be anything in the CM that can filter these messages out.

We followed the upgrade instructions to the letter and all other areas of operation function without incident. We’re thinking along two lines at present:

(1) CM 3.1(3a) did not have the functionality to process these messages or relay them to the IP phones or,

(2) The CM is doing something different following the upgrade which the Telco switches do not like.

From reading up on this, we found a British Telecom Suppliers’ Information Note SIN232 which relates to BT ISDN 30 (1.421) Service Description. In the Annex C, BT Application of European Standards, there is a section on ISDN 30 (1.421) Layer Three Conformance. I’ll recite the relevant part here:

C.4.13 ETS 300 102-1 sub clause 5.1.6 Notification of internetworking at originating interface.

When the requested bearer capability is speech or 3.1KHz audio and the call encounters analogue internetworking within the BT network then the CONNECT message returned to the calling user will include a Display information element containing the IA5 character string *AA*NOT SUITABLE FOR DATA#

This would indicate the problem cause, but we need to find out how or if the CM can be configured around this. We've tried unchecking the Display IE checkboxes on the gateway config page but that has no effect.

If anyone else has had similar experiences and resolved it, I would be interested to learn more.



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Hello Jonathan

Yes I am having the exact same problem as you, as is one of my colleages on another site after an upgrade to 3.3(2) . I myself upgraded to 3.2(3) and found the same issue . Tac have said this is fixed in

3.3(3) as a temporary frig. Unfortunatley in means another upgrade .

THe bug id is CSCea07880

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Thank you for your response, I am encouraged that others had found this condition, and share your frustration.

Do you know if anyone has actually tried 3.3(3) in the field and verified this condition does not exist with the newer code?

Thanks, Jonathan

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In short , I don't know of anyone that has tried 3.3(3) upgrade to resolve this problem .If I do hear I will let you know ,or if you try it let me know

Regards Paul

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Cisco DE have committed to including the fix for CSCea07880 in the next engineering special release of 3.3(2). No dates as yet, will advise more when I know.

Thanks, Jonathan

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We upgraded from CM3.3.2 SPc which exhibited this behaviour to CM3.3.3 SR1. No change I've afraid. We still occasionally see this message on our 7960 phones.

Not often, I'll admit, but like you, it's a political beast when something as ugly as this appears on your handset.

It's unlikely that we'll upgrade to SR2 now also, so I'm afraid that I can't offer any advice.

One ray of hope is that we have upgraded our 7960 phone loads to the SR2 release (although the Call Managers are still SR1), and I haven't seen the message appear recently. I'll ask around and determine whether this is still an issue for us. If not, then the SR2 phone loads (freely available if you have a CCO software download login) could be your answer.



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Hi Guys,

We ran into this problem too at another customer. The root cause of this problem is due to the fact that the telco has provisioned a non etsi compliant Q931 trunk to you.

The messages that you see are DASS signalling messages being sent in the display IE of the Q.931 ALERTING and CONNECT messages.

Ask your Telco to provision you with a true ETSI compliant Q.931 trunk and the messages will no longer be sent.

We are running CM 3.3(3) and the problem only went away after we asked our Telco to reprovision our trunks,

Good Luck,


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