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About tandem switching.

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posted Wed May 5 01:01:54 PDT 1999 I have read that "It is currently not possible to translate from the VoIP transport protocol to other protocols such as VoFR" and that tanden switching with VOIP implemented only on

7200/7500, if I understood it correctly. On the page

posted Mon Jul 3 13:03:52 PDT 2000 I have read the same things.

So I need to know, is it possible now (in the latest IOS versions) to make 3600 to translate from VoIP to VoFR (and vise versa) and to behave as call router, reseiving all calls and rerouting them to a correct location?

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Re: About tandem switching.

It is still not possible, however, you can do frame relay encapsulation on your leased lines and use VoFR instead of VoIP.

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Re: About tandem switching.

Although it is still not possible to switch a VoFR call to a VoIP call or vice versa, note that you can still originate/terminate/switch VoFR calls on the router, and originate/terminate VoIP calls on the router at the same time, just not to each other.

Also, you can use an external PBX or switch to tandem switch a VoFR <--> VoIP call, but it's not recommended and voice quality will suffer the consequences of double compression.

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