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about this board software

Well, somebody has to say it: it sucks big time.

My biggest gripe: performance. It is soooooo darned slow. At times I can wait for more than 30 seconds for any reply to a click. And every second time I try to make a post, eventually it times out and I get a server error notice. And that's in the morning when the majority of users isn't even up (I seem to notice an increased post count when people get up in North America).

Let's continue with the search engine. Free boards like phpBB (which by the way tend to run fast unless the server is maxed out but the server shouldn't be a problem for Cisco, should it?) have a way better search engine. You can't search by individual forum, only categories, you do not have to option to search by thread or by post, you can't search by username.

Then layout.. with all the stuff on the left and right the post window is so darned small. Unless absolute table sizes are used I guess it would look alright on my 30" Dell at home, but on a 1024x786 resolution it's way too small, especially since the title and message textboxes don't even span the entire area between the "Cisco Home" section on the left and all the stuff on the right.

Forum navigation could be solved via dropdown which would save a lot of screen real-estate.. and other forums have the search either incorporated before a message table, or accessible via some menu that's above the message table.. both solutions are less demanding in terms of real-estate.

If this were a forum run by people with no funds, then I guess it's understandable that not everything is perfect, but this is Cisco we're talking about here.

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Re: about this board software

Hear hear!

The constant dropping connections/failing to load pages is the most painful part... You have to clipboard any posts before posting or end up typing things twice or more...


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Re: about this board software

If you get the survey popup when you visit.. make sure to mention those issues if you feel the same way.

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Re: about this board software

I got it yesterday - and I did list a few things..


Aaron Please remember to rate helpful posts to identify useful responses, and mark 'Answered' if appropriate!

Re: about this board software


in the additional comment field I recommended them to read the CSS11000 Product guide (I included the link, just in case ;-) ....


Re: about this board software

Performance has been an issue for sometime because our site load has been increasing at a faster-than-anticipated pace. We have been making back-end modifications and recently upgraded to a new version of our community software in order to provide incremental improvements. The longer-term solution is increasing our server capacity, a process that we have begun that will take a couple more months to complete. This is a large undertaking so please be patient.

Search is something we will always continue to try and improve on. You might want to use our advanced search which allows you to drill down to the topic level. Also, if you want to search by username just type their name in the search field and all their posts will come up in the results.


Dan Bruhn

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Cheers, Dan
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