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AC 1.3(1)ES8 w/4.0(2a)SR2b DN Overlap

I have several remote sites where I've got a CTI RP terminating the DID and forwarded to a Unity CH, where the call is then transferred to the AC shared lines that are present on multiple phones. This DN I've assigned to the AC lines overlaps with another DN in another partition. Call control comes up, but outbound calls fail with 'No lines available'. Inbound calls succeed.

I found that if I change the DN of the shared lines for the AC line to be something unique to the dial plan, everything works as expected.

It seems that the AC line DN does not obey the same rules with respect to partitions as the rest of the devices within CallManager.

Can anyone elaborate as to whether this is a bug, WAD, CTI or JTAPI limitation, etc.?


New Member

Re: AC 1.3(1)ES8 w/4.0(2a)SR2b DN Overlap

I've answered my own question.

Cisco CallManager Attendant Console does not recognize partitions, which causes the following problems:

–If a directory number exists in more than one partition, the attendant console displays the line state of the DN that changed last. The line state that appears for a particular individual in the directory may not be correct.

–If a directory number in the hunt group also exists in another partition, Cisco CallManager Attendant Console may not route calls appropriately. Consider a scenario in which directory number 2000 exists in Partition1 and Partition2, and directory number 2000 (Partition1) exists in a hunt group. If directory number 2000 (Partition2) receives a call, Cisco CallManager Attendant Console considers the line state of directory number 2000 (Partition1) to be busy and does not route calls to that directory number.

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