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AC - change incoming call alert wav files


With CCM4.1(3)sr3a I need to change the audible alerts that AC plays when an incoming call arrives.

I've found the source files on each attendants PC (C:\Program Files\Cisco\Call Manager Attendant Console\audio), copied in a replacement & renamed it to Cisco's original file name.

However, on startup AC is copying the original files back from CCM.

If I changed the files on CCM then this would solve my problem but I can't find them.

How can I change the audio file source ?

Any help appreciated,



Re: AC - change incoming call alert wav files

The current capabilities and features of MoH include:

MoH multicast and unicast streaming service

Music streaming service for "user" hold and "network" hold

51 sources per media convergence server (MCS)

Fifty continuously looping .wav file sources

One real-time streaming source

Each source configurable as either unicast or multi-cast stream

Support for audio streaming to selected devices

Gateways (multicast only):


6608Not until Seaview 3.3

VG200 (H.323)Yes with Cisco IOS. Software Release 12.2(11)T and later, enable the ccm-manager music-on-hold command

VG200 (MGCP)Yes, same as VG200 (H.323)


Gateways (unicast only)AT-2/-4/-8, AS-2/-4/-8, and all other Cisco IOS. VoIP gateways, including Cisco 1750, 2600/3600, 5300, 58xx, and 72xx

Cisco IP phones (unicast, multicast)7910, 7940, and 7960

Cisco IP phones (unicast only)Cisco 7935, 12 SP+, and 30 VIP phones

Cisco IP SoftPhone (unicast only)

Maximum 250 simultaneous on-hold streaming sessions per server

Multiple server instances for application scalability

Multiple server instances for server load balancing and redundancy

G.711, G.729A, and wide-band audio codec support

Off-line audio translation utility

This URL should help you:

New Member

Re: AC - change incoming call alert wav files

Thanks for the response however this is not an MoH issue.

The AC front end has a tick box 'enable audible alerts' so that the PC plays a .wav file to alert the attendant to a new call. The default .wav files are highly iritating & we need to change them.

When we have done this (by renaming our own .wav file to the name cisco uses) the AC client copies the original .wav file back each time it opens.

I need to locate the original source .wav file on the CCM server & replace this - a dsearch for the file turns up nothing on the CCM server.



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