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ac receiving just one call


i've configured a receiptionist IP phone (IPP1) using pilot point and hunt group.

when an incoming call (from pstn) enters the 1751 router it is automatically forwarded to IPP1.

the problem is: the IPP1 can't accept many calls at the same time.(like the receiptionist is supposed to do)

is this normal? any url?



Re: ac receiving just one call

Does the receptionist phone have multiple lines, and are they added as hunt group members. Or, if the receptionist is using Attendant Console, did you add multiple lines for that attendant console user.

Please use this link for configuration steps:

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Re: ac receiving just one call

thank you for your help

now, i can accept 2 calls in the same time from PSTN.

can the IP Phone accept more than 2 calls ;-)

i think, we can change 2 speed dial buttons, to function as 2 lines?

any URL


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Re: ac receiving just one call

Yes, all you have to do is make a new button template for your IP Phone. For example if your using 7960 create a button template and define all buttons as line. Then use this template for your 7960 IP Phone to convert your phone to a six lines AC phone. But remember to disable call waiting features on each DN that will be use by AC to avoid problem on transfering the call.

Hope this will help.

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