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We have CM 3.3 with ip phones 7910,7940 & 7935.We wanted to give only few users access for international calls based on access code.I am aware that we can configure this using Ext mobility for 7940 phones.Can we do this by configuring pass code the way it is Avaya phones ie say by dialing 9PhoneNo#Passcode.



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Re: Access code

The CallManager software does not provide a feature for call authorization and tracking codes. Perhaps this will be added in future version of CallManager.

There are a couple of options that you could try. First you can use a route pattern to simulate an access code for international calls. For example you could use 912345.@ where 12345 is the access code, pass the call to a route list and use a DDI of PreDot to strip off the 9 and the 12345 access code. This is really basic and does not provide any real security; users could simply tell each other what the access code is.

A second method is not create class of service restrictions using Calling Search Spaces and Partitions. Create Partitions for each type of call; emergency, local, long distance, international, etc. Then create route patterns for each type of call and map them to the appropriate partition. Next, create Calling search Spaces for each class of service you want; Local only, Long distance, International. Then place the apropriate partition in the Calling Search Space; Local CSS has the Emergency and Local Partitions, the Long Distance CSS has the Emergency, Local and Long Partitons, and the International CSS has all the partitions in it. Finally, place your phones in the appropriate Calling Search space for the class of service you want that user to have.

This method allows you to limit what phones/users can make long distance or international calls. There isn't a way to limit someone from using someone elses phone though.

The last method is to use either a telco service or a thrid party application to provide the access code based call restrictions and tracking. Most telco's can provide this service, where you simply pass the long distance or international call to the pstn and the telco prompts for an access code.

There are a couple of third party vendors that provide this service as a CTI application that integrates with CallManager.

Take a look at and for more information.


Tim Medley, CCDP, CCNP

IPT Consultant

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Re: Access code

Dimension Data has software that allows forced authentication, as well as assigning client/matter codes to calls. You can find more information at



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Re: Access code

Just an FYI - using the @ macro in call auth. route patterns does not scale particularly well. The macro expand out to the entire NANP, roughly 300 or so route patterns. If you enter 100 call auth patterns using @ then your dial plan now has to initialize 30,000 patterns.

I have seen references to setting this up with IP IVR, although I haven't done it myself.

If all you are looking for is authorization for long distance calls the easiest way is to have the carrier provide the service. Most carriers offer the service for free. The 3rd party apps tend to be very pricey (sorry Matt) and overkill for your requirements.


Re: Access code

You can e-mail me at and I can send you the IVR script for Account Codes. You obviously will need a CRS box but at least you will have the app.

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Re: Access code

Hi, Tim, good to come across you again. Send me an email!

I am looking for a forced authorization code (FAC) solution for my client. I did not find any solution for FAC on the Berbee website you mentioned. Can you help a little on that? I'll also check with "adignan."

I did find some FAC products, and I am following up with their vendors for more info. See the list below. I have heard from a Cisco guy that he has implemented the DiData solution for a US federal agency; he was confident about that particular solution.

=> Dimension Data Call Authorization Application

=> Avotus Account Code Manager (Avotus = 1-877-AVOTUS-1)

=>Avotus Account Codes via IVR (mentions forced or optional account codes, displays "Cisco compatible" logo)

=> NextiraOne

Brent Folsom-Kovarik

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Re: Access code

Actually, FAC and Client Matter Codes are both included in CallManager 3.3.4 and 4.0.2.

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