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Access Denied to SA

I have installed Unity 3.03. all the services are comming up Unity Icon is up. I can not get into SA. I checked DOH all the default mailusers are there in place including Unity messaging system. I noticed the setup program did not create the mailboxes for the default subscribers . In Exchange I tried to create the mailboxes manually However it does not let me to create them in the server/recpient folder. It will create them in the site/recpient folder. How do I fix this..any ideas..I need an account to associate that with a subscriber and get in to SA. Configmr will not help because it will not create mailboxes for me. Besides all the Unity stuff are in place anyway...<br><br>Sean Poure<br>NEC-Voice Engineering<br>Sr. Aplication Engineer<br>714 4846275<br>

Sean Poure

Re: Access Denied to SA

Was this an upgrade? I'm a bit suspicious about why you can't get SA access off the bat. There's a chance something else might be wrong with your system besides this problem. Also, if mailboxes aren't getting created for the default subscribers that could be a problem. Example Administrator is the default recipient for Unaddressed Messages DL and some default call handlers.

However, if you just want to fix this problem, you can use GrantUnityAccess.exe, I believe it's in the root of Commserver, just do a find on it. Here's how to use it:
Log in to the machine as the user who installed Unity (or any member of the local administrators group). Run GrantUnityAccess from the command line (type GrantUnityAccess /? for usage). You will need two pieces of information:

1) The AD account name of the user you wish to grant access to. This should be in the form DOMAIN\UserAlias. If the domain is remote, the domain that Unity is running on must trust the remote domain. The remote domain may be an NT4 or Win2K domain. Any resolvable NT4/AD user account is valid.
2) The name of a Unity subscriber to associate the AD account with. For granting SA access, “Installer” will work here.

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