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Accessing CDR DB remotely

We are building a reporting application that needs to pull records and information from the CDR DB on Call Manager 4.3. Can this be accessed remotley using SQL statements? So far we have had no luck using query analyzer remotely (not logged directly into the CCM server via RDP).


Re: Accessing CDR DB remotely

By default, the SQL Server is set up to only allow trusted connections.. and since the machine is not a member of the domain, only the local admin on the CCM box can access the database. You can however change SQL Server to use mixed mode authentication, then create a user and use SQL authentication for a remote login. When you do that, make sure you first disable all CCM services (meaning you need a maintenance window as you'll have a CCM downtime) as CCM starts acting up if you pull out the SQL server from under it (chaning the authentication mode requires a restart). You could also just change the mode, then schedule a server reboot at night.. that should be the least problematic.

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Re: Accessing CDR DB remotely


Thank you for the response. How does changing the authentication mode affect a smartnet contract. Do you know if Cisco will support this change?

Re: Accessing CDR DB remotely

if you install ipcx you need to change it to mixed mode, so it is supported.

but depending on the connection method/driver from your application, you might be able to leave it to windows authentication mode, and create a windows account (with minimal rights) and give it privileges to the cdr tables

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