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Active Assistant and Netscape


Our client is currently using Netscape as their browser. Is there any way Netscape can access Unity's AA in the Unity domain from a separate user domain with no trust is established? With IE you can configure it to prompt for user name and password. You enter the user name, password and domain twice and AA works fine. Is there anyway to configure this in Netscape?

In the past I've always had problems using Netscape to access AA. Are there still issues?



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Re: Active Assistant and Netscape

Netscape is not supported.

The Cisco Unity 3.1 System Requirements, and Supported Hardware and Software lists all supported client software. See

Cisco Employee

Re: Active Assistant and Netscape

Just soz ya know... this is mostly, although not entirely, related to the use of NTLM secruity (Netscape doesn't support CHAPs as you've noticed) and the fact that the media master control is an ActiveX plugin which doesn't work in Netscape. There are other IE-specific items in the SA/AA but actually the support issues boil down to those two things.

With the release of 4.0 later this year we'll have an alternative to NTLM authentication and we'll be coming back to revisit this issue, however the media master will need to be redone before this'll work.

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