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Active Directory Integration - 3.3(2)spB - on Subscriber


I have my Callmanager cluster integrated with Active Directory. However, my Subscriber does not seem to be working correctly.

When I browse to CCMAdmin on the subscriber and select User, Add New User I get a message "Couldn't create user object"

and if I browse to User, Global Directory I get "Couldn't create user object.[object Error] :"

I once got the following (I think it was straight after a reboot:

Microsoft JScript runtime error '800a138f'

'userObj' is null or not an object

/ccmadmin/userprefsbasiclist.asp, line 145

This sounds to me like an ActiveX control has not registered. Does anyone know which one?

Any ideas would be gratefully received.

Many thanks



Re: Active Directory Integration - 3.3(2)spB - on Subscriber

Did you try to stop the directory service and then restart it again. If this doesnt solve, then may be you need to check if you have rights to add users to the AD. In that case, you can login to the domain using the account that has permission to add a user and then add a user .


Re: Active Directory Integration - 3.3(2)spB - on Subscriber

This comes up sometimes if the Active Directory integration process goes wrong at some point. Quite often this gets resolved by fully backing out the AD integration and reinstalling. Do this by running the plugin and selecting to uninstall, which reactivates DC directory. Reboot, and use the plugin to reintegrate with AD.

If your publisher can query users but your subscriber cannot, your AD integration parameters are right and there's something wrong with the subscriber itself. Look for problems in the debug logs on the broken CallManager in c:\dcdsrvr\log. If you can't find the problem, zip up the contents of that directory and attach them to your TAC case.

If your publisher cannot query users, do the above, but your integration parameters aren't guaranteed to be correct, so check them over carefully. Also, don't try to skip the "Schema Update" step. It doesn't hurt anything to run through it again. I've tried to get away without doing that setup on minor upgrades and been burned badly on subtle broken behavior later.

I have recently had serious trouble integrating when the OU containing Administrator had an ampersand (&) in the name. The AD plugin runs a batch file, and the ampersand is a shell metacharacter. You really don't know what I had to do to get around that. It's unlikely this is your problem, but I thought I would mention it just in case.

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Re: Active Directory Integration - 3.3(2)spB - on Subscriber

Thought I would post the solution to my problem.

In the Windows 2000 Environment Settings I was missing the following "classpath" entries.


I put them back in and everything started working correctly.


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