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Active Fax Questions

I have two issues with separate sites using Active Fax:<br><br>1st site: Has Unity -- Fax service stops answering. Stopping and Starting the LF Driver in Fax monitor fixes the problem.<br><br>2nd site: Has an old Unity 2.3 build (can't remember exactly which revisions, but I think They have qualified and have to install to fix more serious faxing issues. When I complete the upgrade to this build this week, do I still have to remove the dialogic drivers before installing this upgrade and also are there any special upgrade plans I need to make for Active Fax or is it a straight upgrade, just tell the upgrade to upgrade Active Fax?<br><br>Thanks in advance for your help.<br><br>


Re: Active Fax Questions

Not sure on #1… we’ll need to get Interstar involved and look at their traces to figure out what’s happening. Sounds like the gamma fax driver is going belly up for some reason. It could also be that when the fax port goes off hook it doesn’t get dialtone for some reason… the port can actually be taken off line if this happens. If that happens it would show up in the lfDriver logs.

On your second question, yes, when updating from 2.3.6 to 2.4.0 you need to remove the Dialogic drivers entirely before doing the upgrade. The Dialgoic stuff does not properly handle updating itself until the build found in 2.4.5. As such ANY time you’re doing an upgrade, I strongly recommend fully removing the Dialogic drivers according to our docs. You’ll save yourself a raft of pain.

My personal recommendation on upgrading ActiveFax from builds earlier than LF 131 (2.3.6 shipped with 128) is to uninstall the Lightning Fax application entirely before doing the upgrade. I’ve run into too many goofy problems in the field, you’ll be much better off doing this. Also, PLEASE try to install using the same account used to install Exchange on our box. Lightning has an issue with the gateway install failing at times if you’re using a different account. Not all the time but it’ll bite you when you can least afford it. This has been fixed in LF 136 (shipping with 2.4.5) but for builds prior to that, it will definitely install smoothly if you’re using that account.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect
Active Voice

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