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AD/DNS Question/Problem

We have a Win2k/Exchange2k running Unity 3.1.2. It is part of a domain that has one Domain Controller that provides DNS and AD. If the DC is rebooted or goes down for any reason users are unable to get their messages. They can log into Unity via the phone, Unity asks for their password and then silence. I have to reboot the Unity box once the DC is back up and running.<br><br>Any thoughts or has enybody else experienced this?<br><br>Israel<br><br>


Re: AD/DNS Question/Problem

mail cannot be retrieved without contacting a global catalog.Exchange 2000 Server has no directory; there also is no Global Address List on each server. This data is retrieved from Global Catalog Servers By default the first Doamin controller installed in a Win 2k forest is a Global catalog Server. Anyone who has a single Doamin controller is experiencing this. The voice cannot be played back because exchange server on unity cannot contact a GC. The only way to prevent this , which i may or may not suggest is to promote Unity to a DC and make it a global catalog server. AD sites and services, expand your server name, right click ntds settings and select properties and check Global Catalog. this is the only way youll get mail(through phone or outlook) while your other DC reboots.The DS Access API uses LDAP and connects to domain Global Catalogs.

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