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Adding a 9 to the missed calls

I know this has been talked about before here, but I forgot what was said . I need to add a 9 when the user press' their Dial button in the missed calls field on a 79XX phone. Can this be done?



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Re: Adding a 9 to the missed calls

Why not be kind to all users and build route patterns that do not need a 9 on outbound going calls?

You end up with route patterns that start with 9. and others starting with 0[1-9].. this way both 902123123123 and 02123123123 go out the same way?

My 0.02c

Danny M.

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Re: Adding a 9 to the missed calls


This is fine unless you use 0 to go to the operator, also what about local calls?

Local calls can start with 2 thru to 9 in the UK, if you have an internal extension 2342 and then set-up a route pattern to a local number 23422234 (without a 9) your going to have to wait for the inter-digit timeout before you call goes through to either the interal extension or the external local number, because CM has a match for both.

Thats why we always 9 (or whatever) to break out, if you've found a way to beat it I'd like to know how.

As for the original question, yes it can be done but I can't remember the link to the example Im afraid.




Re: Adding a 9 to the missed calls

Hi Ken,

It depends on your voice gateway, if thats h323 you can configure translation rules, if thats 6608 you have to play with partitions and CSS.


Re: Adding a 9 to the missed calls

I've done this in the following way.

partition - incoming_p

calling search space - incoming_SS, contains incoming_p

partition - internal_p

calling search space - DDI_SS, contains internal_p

gateway assigned to the incoming_SS

Translation pattern ! assigned to the partition incoming_p, modify incoming cli to 9xxxxxxxxxxx, search space of DDI_SS.

This way all incoming calls are sent through the translation pattern and a 9 is added infront of the 11 incoming digits (if BT are the provider change to 90xxxxxxxxxx) and then all incoming CLI has a 9 in front. The search space then passes the call to the internal_p which contains my extensions

I agree about the not using 9 put down, it's something dreamt up by non telephony people who do not understand the consequences.


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Re: Adding a 9 to the missed calls

Thats what I used also Paul, I can vouch for that config it works fine, glad to here you agree about not suppressing the 9, I thought I was missing something.

I had a customer ask for exactly the same thing and I told them that they couldn't have it.

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Re: Adding a 9 to the missed calls

If you are using ccm 3.2 then this works a lot better. On the translation pattern you have the option to prefix outgoing digits for the calling party transformation. This makes it so much easier to append what ever the access code is. Another thing is I usually just make the translation pattern 2xxx if my ext are in the 2000 range. If the ! is working for you go for it. Didn't know if you would be hitting the interdigit timeout or not have not tried it like that before.

Hope this helps,


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