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Adding a new local TFTP server for IP Phones to register

Hi, I have a situation where my CallManager cluster is in one office on the opposite coast and I'm trying to stage new phones in a different office. The phones stay on "verifying load" for about 20-25 minutes before the phones finally finish registering. The WAN link is most likely the culprit in causing the slow registration. I was hoping that I could set up a local TFTP server so that the phones could get their firmware locally but get their device configuration remotely. Is this possible? If so, how would I go about getting this set up?



Re: Adding a new local TFTP server for IP Phones to register

yes, this is possible.

you need a TFTP server such as the one cisco used to provide or another like 'TFTPServer'(

you can setup a new TFTP server and place all the proper configuration files, or just copy the entire TFTP directory from the callManager, into the new TFTP server.

then you need to either statically tell the phones to use the 'alternate' tftp server or setup the dhcp scope, option 150, to point to the new tftp server address.

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