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Adding a Single Phone?

I am curious what Cisco's intent was for adding in a single phone…

I use BAT to add in even one phone since I can select a predefined template and all my settings will be selected.

It would be nice if they would build in this functionality directly into the CCMAdmin pages, then along with MLA they could let a Phone Administrator add in phones with the BAT templates. This would ensure consistency…

What does every one else do for adding in a single phone?


Re: Adding a Single Phone?

If you want to add a single new phone with the same profile as an existing phone then why not just hit the Copy button under an existing phone. Then change the MAC address and Directory number.

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Re: Adding a Single Phone?

Copy would copy the Device settings, but not the line settings. I would still have to select all the different line settings for the line. It also would not associate the device to the user account.

All of these things are done for you whan you insert a phone from the BAT system...

It seems to me that Cisco could very easily incorporate the addition of a phone based on the BAT templates into the CCMadmin pages...

I have inquired about this since ersion 3.x and get nowhere...

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