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Adding Additional fields to DirectoryEntry items

Is it possible to add additional fields to a DirectoryEntry item when creating a custom directory?

I've got a custom directory working currently and now I want to add another field (Cellphone) to the directory.

Here's what the xml would look like:


<Title>My Test Directory</Title>

<Prompt>Just Testing</Prompt>


<Name>Johnson, Darren</Name>





<Name>Johnson, Darrell</Name>





This works in IE but throws an "XML Error [4]: Parse Error" exception on the phone.

What I'd like to do is create a 4th SoftKey at the bottom of the page for "CellPhone".



Re: Adding Additional fields to DirectoryEntry items

You can't extend the language that the phone understands... it can handle what's in the schema and that's that. However, if you look into the schema, you'll see that a CiscoIPphoneDirectory may have up to 8 softkeys:

Thus, you can add your own softkeys the usual way

Displayed sofkey label

URL or URI action for softkey RELEASE event

URL or URI action for softkey PRESS event

position of softkey

Of course, if you add your own softkeys, you're going to lose the ones that are normally there so you have to replicate those as well (so the first one would have the URL "Dial:8110", the second one "EditDial:8110", the third one "Key:Services" and the one you want to label cellphone (obviously the key doesn't have so much space so you might just call it "cell", would use the URL "Dial:7012616557" (all those URLs are in relation to the first directory entry you posted).

Come to think of it, I suspect that a CiscoIPPhoneDirectory isn't really what you are looking for, since that element offers no means of triggering a different action for whatever item has been selected whereas a CiscoIPPhoneMenu allows you to have an URL per menu Item plus an url suffix per button so you can do all that you need to do in this case.

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Re: Adding Additional fields to DirectoryEntry items

Thanks for the reply stephan. I was just curious if a person could extend the PhoneDirectory to include more information on the screen.

Here's a followup question then, how does the "Dial" softkey on the phone directory get the number that is selected?

For example, you've got 4 results showing on the directory page and you scroll down to the 3rd result and hit the Dial softkey. How does the softkey know you selected the 3rd entry on the page and therefore should dial that number?

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Re: Adding Additional fields to DirectoryEntry items

Scratch that last question, I was describing using URI's within the URL tag of a menuitem.

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