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Adding IPT Servers into Microsoft Windows Domain

Hi all,

I am looking for any documentation that states if Unity should be put into the Corporate Windows Domain?

I understand that there are some workarounds if Cisco CallManager CCM needs to be put into the Windows Domain. (I read Cisco recommends Workgroups)

- Remove from domain during each installation or upgrades.

- Stop NTP Service

- Stop domain policies from being applied to the IPT servers.

Is there anything I missed?

Just trying to find the pros and cons for adding CCM and Unity to the Windows Domain.

Thanks all,


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Re: Adding IPT Servers into Microsoft Windows Domain


Unity will need to be a member of a domain. Which domain depends on whether you will deploy Unified Messaging or voicemail only. If UM, Unity will need to be a part of your existing corporate domain which it will integrate with. If voicemail only, you can either create a separate domain for Unity or use an existing domain.

In general, the recommendation is for CCM to be in a workgroup. Here are a few rfeasons:

1. There is no requirement for CCM to be part of the domain even if you are integrating with Active Directory.

2. Adding CCM to the domain adds some level of complexity and dependence upon the domain that is not necessary.

3. Adding CCM to the domain makes it subject to group policies configured for the domain that may be detrimental to its functionality.

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Re: Adding IPT Servers into Microsoft Windows Domain

Thanks Brandon for your reply.

I understand why CCM needs to be in a Workgroup.

I am using Unity with Voice Messaging only and I have the option to choose if Unity should be in a standalone domain or an existing corporate domain.

- Will the domain policies affect Unity's functions?

- How would it be affected? (E.g Windows patches, account policies, etc)

Thanks again,


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Re: Adding IPT Servers into Microsoft Windows Domain


I would recommend to put Unity in the existing domain if possible to ease a future migration to unified messaging if you think that's a possibility.

The domain policies could certainly affect Unity, but not to the extent that they would affect Callmanager. Unity is more of a "normal" Windows server than CCM. Nonetheless, you will want to make sure that domain policies do not set automatic updates for Windows, deny accounts needed access rights, etc.. Unity updates follow most Windows updates, but not all. The following link can be used to check Microsoft updates for Unity compatibility.

If you put Unity in the existing domain, make a separate OU in Active Directory for voice servers and make sure that the proper policies apply or are denied.

Hope this helps.


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