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adding languages from different version CDs ?

Have installed U2.4.6.135 using the ENU CDs; now want to upgrade to include ML- ENA Australian speech support. <br>Can I use the CDs from an earlier version of Unity - - to add the Aust speech, using the Setup facility, or will this effectively downgrade the system to ver 102?<br><br>Thanks<br><br>


Re: adding languages from different version CDs ?

First, no you DO NOT WANT TO run setup with the CDs if you are at

Second, are you adding a second language or changing from ENU to ENA? There are known issues with changing the lanugage. You might get failsafe when accessing call handlers or subscribers. You will also get 5-6 errors in the applog in event viewer when accessing the CH or Subscriber.

Workaround for the failsafe issue.
Add the following registry setting:
HKLM\Software\Active Voice\CDE\1.0\RetryDefaultLanguage = 1

To fix the problem you should run the bulk edit utility found at the answermonkey website and set the language on all call handlers to the one that you want.

I am not sure if you just want to add a language if running setup on the ml CDs will work..

I will research this and if anyone else knows the answer feel free to post.

Randy Pierce, MCSE, MCP+Internet, MCP
Cisco Systems, Inc.

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