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Adjunct Route Question

We want to do a vector on our Avaya where after the call is in que 5 mins we will do an adjunct route. The script will then determine if the user has dialed in and activated a global variable to send calls to an alternate site (they will do this when short staffed or snow storm). If there is an "emergency" we will return vdn that will transfer call to another site. The question I have is when things are normal how can I end the adjunct and just return to my original vector steps back in Avaya. Same idea as ending the converse step in Avaya. Or do I have no alternative but to return a vdn to the switch PG to keep the call in que in another vector? This will mess up call reports on Avaya CMS however. Any ideas welcome.....Happy Holidays to all !!

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Re: Adjunct Route Question

I don't think there is any other way. You need to return to vdn to the switch PG to keep the call in queue in another vector.


Re: Adjunct Route Question

Here is what our Avaya Engineer came back with:

Simple, there are two solutions that come to mind immediately:

1. Do all of this within the vector. Don't do an adjunct to the PG, just perform a check on the "emergency" skill within the same vector (if that is how they are activating the global variable).

2. If the global variable is activated some other way then perform the adjunct route after 5 minutes, and if the global variable hasn't been activated then instruct the ICM script to do nothing. If the ICM doesn't return anything back to the PG, then the next step in the vector will execute. Have the ICM script only return a VDN if the variable has been set. You could do something like this:

"Adjunct Routing Link #####" [Route Request to the PG (A Side)]

"Adjunct Routing Link #####" [Route Request to the PG (B Side), if applicable]

"Wait X seconds hearing music" [Wait X seconds for a response from the ICM]

"goto step X if unconditionally" [Continue holding and execute more vector steps]

CMS reporting will not be impacted. The caller is still queued while the adjunct is being performed and will not lose their place in the queue line if the vector continues after the adjunct route.

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Re: Adjunct Route Question

Thanks for the response. We did some testing here and found that if the Global Variable is not sent we go to the WAIT NODE for 30 secs and this times out so call goes back to vector. Seems to work OK.

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