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Admin scoped multicast address and sdp (IP/TV)

If we use administratively scoped multicast addresses for IP/TV in our enterprise network, will the user still be able to view other multicast traffic such as Video Teleconferences? The VTC equipment will be H.323 and multicast capable (Polycom and VCON). I think that the IP/TV viewer could pick up the sdp announcements, but I don't know about the Content Managers. Would this be a problem if the Content Managers didn't see the sdp announcements but the Viewer does?

We are planning to use the address range of - What is the downside of this versus using Globally Scoped multicast addresses.

Obviously you can see that I am a little confused about the multicast address ranges.


Mark Anderson

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Re: Admin scoped multicast address and sdp (IP/TV)

Using admin scoped multicast addresses in content managers only affects MCs set up via content manager to originate from an IPTV server. It does not affect the ability of viewers to join other multicasts as generated by any other video server

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Re: Admin scoped multicast address and sdp (IP/TV)

Thanks for the reply.

To take this further, can I use several admin. scoped multicast ranges with a Content Manager in each address range and have the IP/TV Viewer see the program listings from each Content Manager? Or are we just limited to a Primary and Secondary Content Manager. The documentation is a little fuzzy on this.


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