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After reset of 7960G, 7914 modules not working

We had to change the user ID associated with our front desk 7960G phone and restart the phone. This phone had been configured with two add-on modules, 7914 units.

After the reset, the add-on modules lights were red, display on the modules was blank and the 7960G phone had no dial tone.

For a temporary fix, I disconnected the add-on units and reconfigured the phone as a 7960 without add-ons. It got dial tone back. But now we don't have the expansion modules.

I had opened a TAC on the 7914 modules earlier and had finally gotten them working after upgrading the 7960G firmware to 7.2(3), load P00307020300. I have not changed the firmware -- it is still 7.2(3) on the 7960G. The load for the 7914 units is S00105000100. Also not changed.

Has anyone else seen this behavior with 7914 modules after a restart of the phone?

We are using CME 3.2 on Cisco IOS 12.3(11)T10. (I know that the version 7 firmware for the 7960G is *not* the standard firmware for use with CME, but the Cisco tech I worked with on the TAC did recommend it in this instance.)

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Re: After reset of 7960G, 7914 modules not working

OK, never mind. After a second reset, it all came back. Odd. Maybe I didn't wait long enough, since it starts out with the lights all red.

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