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Agent login to Cisco Agent Desktop server information

Good morning,

I wish to understand more about the proceeding when the agent login to the Cisco Agent Desktop server, which server will "talk" to which server during this period.

I checked thru' the Cisco Agent Desktop documentation in CCO website but they did not describe the agent login process.

And how does the agent PC's gets associated with the IP phone ? At which stage of the agent login process ?

2nd query :-

Does the CAD server communicate with the Call Manager publisher server only or any one call manager server in the cluster ?

There is a call manager setting in the CAD server, do we just configure the IP address of the publisher or configure all the Call Manager IP address ( publisher and subscriber )

The CAD documentation on CCO does not describe in detail regarding the above, they always mention Call Manager server but does not indicat which server, subscriber or publisher ?

Anybody has any advice ?

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Re: Agent login to Cisco Agent Desktop server information


Is this question related to IPCC or ICD? For IPCC, you have agent id configured in ICM and that gets tied to agent intrument when they make a login request. Now this agent instrument events/ report comes to ICM PG from Call Manager. It is done by JTAPI connection between CM and PG. You configure PGUser in CM and associate device tied to DN used by agent to this PG User.,

For ICD, it is same and you associate Agent DN to RM User. So, events come from CTI Manager on CM to CRS.

You can configure PG/ CRS to subscribers (if multiple) or point to pub for connection with CTI Manager.



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Re: Agent login to Cisco Agent Desktop server information

There is a call manager configuration on the CAD server, however, the CAD configuration document does not elaborate further on this.

Should we configure just the IP address of the publisher Call Manager ? Do we need to configure the IP address of all the call manager servers in the same cluster in the CAD server ?

Could you share with me the events that happen during the agent PC login stage ? I mean the events that happen when agent PC login, which server is "talking" to which server.

Could you point me to some url that elaborates on this ?

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