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AIM-CUE Re-Initialize? Or Security Check...

Good afternoon all,

Have a 2801 with AIM-CUE that I cannot login to the GUI. I went through the initialization wizard from CLI with no trouble, but it would not complete on the GUI side after I logged in the first time and ran the initializtion wizard. It did not complete and I was going to back out and come back to it after checking settings.

Now I am not getting the Initialization wizard and it is telling me Lost Contact after I am able to login. When I try to enter the Hostname, Username and Password, it is saying it failed to connect.

Is there a way to re-initialize the wizard or is there something I am missing in my security on these?

I can include portions of the configs from the router and the AIM module if it helps. I can still work with the AIM side via CLI, but even adding another Admin account and changing everything is not letting me access it (not as a first resort...)

I'm not finding a clear path to follow after this and when I look at the configs it all appears to be correct and matches my last install (2811 with AIM).


Jon Gauntt

Community Member

Re: AIM-CUE Re-Initialize? Or Security Check...

what I would do is just reload the software using the command

software install clean url

Probably be quicker. Then it should prompt you to restore the data and when you login the gui it will run the initilization wizard again.

Hope that helps


Community Member

Re: AIM-CUE Re-Initialize? Or Security Check...

I just did that. Although all the links to the 3.X.X files were all showing Network Unavailable.

I downloaded a 2.3.4 and got the initialization wizard to run. And it looks like I have some kind of configuration issue in my telephony service or am missing a file in my flash (even though I have now loaded extra files i do not need that I will need to take back off).

Here is my Telephony-Service:


load 7960-7940 P0030702T023

load 7902 CP7902080001SCCP051117A

load 7931 SCCP31.8-2-2SR1S

load 7970 SCCP70.8-2-2SR1S

max-ephones 30

max-dn 108

ip source-address port 2000

calling-number initiator

url services

url authentication

time-zone 8

bulk-speed-dial list 2 flash:localdirectory.txt

bulk-speed-dial list 6 flash:corporatedirectory.txt

voicemail 7000

max-conferences 8 gain -6

call-forward pattern .T


web admin system name admin password cisco



transfer-system full-consult dss

transfer-pattern 9.T

secondary-dialtone 9

after-hours block pattern 1 1900....... 7-24

night-service code *777

night-service day Sun 00:00 23:59

night-service day Mon 18:00 06:00

night-service day Tue 18:00 06:00

night-service day Wed 18:00 06:00

night-service day Thu 18:00 06:00

night-service day Fri 18:00 06:00

night-service day Sat 12:00 08:00

create cnf-files version-stamp 7960 Nov 27 2007 16:42:32

I am attaching a list of the files on the flash.

If anyone sees anything obviously missing, it would be helpful. I am using a config that I have up and running in a 2811 for this 2801 and there might be a slight difference I am not accounting for.


Jon Gauntt

Community Member

Re: AIM-CUE Re-Initialize? Or Security Check...

Ok so the wizard initilization wizard ran? And you still cant get the CME to sync with CUE?


Community Member

Re: AIM-CUE Re-Initialize? Or Security Check...

Finally found the problem. I don't recall typing this in, but it will certainly shut down the GUI connection:

ip http access-class 23

Thought this might help if anyone else did the same thing...

Jon Gauntt

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