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AIM Unity Express recovery

I had several electrical problem for about an hour powering down and up the router for about 4 or 6 times, after that the router restart to work as normal but the AIM Unity Express did not start as normal. I have a message that is trying to recover from error and that is not available.

I reload, reset, shutdown and I can not log in, I can not even ping to the CUE, when I try to shutdown the module it says that the shutdown is not complete and when I start a session it stays there doing nothing.

The worst of this is that I think the data is missing or lost, how can I recover to upload the system to the compactflash memory card??

Very urgent, please need help.


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Re: AIM Unity Express recovery

urgent solution, any idea?? Thanks.

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Re: AIM Unity Express recovery

The last info I got, is that the CompactFlash is damage, I receive the message:

Not a cisco supported CF. Please use cisco supported CF and reinstall the software.

System Halted.

Does this CompactFlash has a solution erasing it and uploading again the software?? Do I have to use erase flash: (ClassB) or format flash: (ClassC)??

Is there a way to do it in the same router??

Thanks, please any help.

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