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Aironet 340/350 for IP Telephony.

Does Aironet 340/350 support IP Telephony? Or better yet, what type of equipments can be use on a wireless network that wants IP phone implemented? Thanks for your reply...

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Re: Aironet 340/350 for IP Telephony.


In order to properly answer this question more information is needed.

For instance ,

How Many IP phone will this remote location have?

To start with Cisco does not support IP telephony over the Aironets,

This does not mean it does not work,

We have several locations working very well with less thant 10 phones each.

We Had one location with more that 25 phones and we did notice problems.

I would not be able to tell you exactly how many phones it will support because it all depends on Usage.

The question you need to ask is how many telephone calls will going at any one time?

Also what type of Codec are you using?

Good Luck and hope this post helps .

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Re: Aironet 340/350 for IP Telephony.

Hello Pablo,

Thank you for your reply. There would be at least 20 people or 20 IP phones that needs to be installed on the remote location. The daily average bandwidth that the remote location are using are 400kb out of 11mb wireless network. I'm not sure on how often are the users on the remote location uses their phone.

On the IP phones that you have, did you connect any on a wireless network?

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