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Alarm won't go away on SPE and SSP Cards

I reimaged my SPE card completely, but the Alarm light won't go away after it boots up completely. Windows 2000 comes up fine, the Green light also blinks, but the alarm light won't go away on all cards MRP, SPE, and SSP. I wonder what I am doing wrong.


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Re: Alarm won't go away on SPE and SSP Cards

if all you did was reimage the SPE, you'll need to configure the system again. was there a backup?

"If there was no backup of ICS System Manager data, the MRPs and ASIs must be configured again by using the IOS command-line interface"

did you back up the ics system data? There is more to it then reimaging the spe. Did you run ICSconfig?

see here

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Re: Alarm won't go away on SPE and SSP Cards

Thanks for your reply. This is a Lab stuff, and I am setting up this for the demo. In other words, I am doing everything from scratch. You are right I don't have any configs yet, but according to Cisco manual, for SPE cards, the alarm should go off after the Windows 2000 installs successfully, and apprantely it didn't in my case. I just proceeded further hoping will go off, and not it stuck in "Install Image Program" where it can't find the SPE cards. The message pops up "Error Can't find device". This is weird because in the begining of the Install Image Program it did find all the devices in the slots, letting me setup the passwords, and then on the third task where you actaully point your MSSQL Location and ICS Bundle Location, it would not make contact with SPE.


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