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Alt. Greeting Access Thru Phone

UNITY 3.1.3 on a 7750

CCM 3.2.2 ( whatever the latest SP is )


A school system has implemented Unity which is handling all call routing for the district. Principles & district authority figures need to be able to set up multiple greetings for each school. ( ie: Standard, Closed due to snow, delayed opening, half day, etc ). They want to set up a standard 3 ( standard, delayed & closed ) that can be accessed from home & changed manually.

SO, i set up these handlers as subscribers so they can have a DN & can be dialed into from outside.

THE QUESTION IS, how many greetings can be changed manually thru the Unity menu from an external phone. They DO NOT have AA access from home. I thought you can set the STANDARD & ALT & CLOSED from the phone but have found thru practice that you only have access to STD & ALT.

Is there a way to access all 3? how many messages can you pre-record and activate on the fly? They were told by a salesman that they could record 5 alternate greetings and access these remotely.

what tha dilly, yo?




Re: Alt. Greeting Access Thru Phone

Not much you can do until 4.0(1) ships later this month. Then you can use the new 'Cisco Unity Greetings Administration' feature.

Check out the training video on CUGA here:


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Re: Alt. Greeting Access Thru Phone

so they can access 2 - the std & alt only. this will be an interesting phone call.

thanks Keith.

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Re: Alt. Greeting Access Thru Phone

just watched the training video keith. this doesnt really help me here. I do like the TUI admin of the handlers making my life easier is ALWAYS welcome; however, it does appear that the system is still limited to std & alt greetings only that can be activated on the fly.

what i was looking for was the ability to record multiple alternate greetings ahead of time. for example, have an alternate for School is CLOSED, and an additional one for SCHOOL WILL BE DELAYED. so you can simply chose " 1 " or ' 2 ' and save a little time.

what i'm trying to avoid is the " well, CALL PILOT can do this, why can't Unity," conversation i seem to have on a regular basis with the salesmen & client.

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