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Alternate Conversation

I have changed our system to the alternate conversation and the only option that seems to be working is 7 for delete. Please instruct me on how to fix this problem.<br><br>


Re: Alternate Conversation

To be fair, more than 1 of the key mappings DO work... in other words the keys for pausing, deleting, forwarding etc... are changed and do work properly.

But as you note the options during message playback have some problems in 2.4.5. The 1, 11, 3 and 33 options to skip ahead/back small/large were broken somewhere along the 2.4.5 line and no one caught it. They've been fixed again in 2.4.6 which will release soon here.

The volume thing was also fixed in 2.4.6 (you could crank the volume but not bring it back down).

The speed control problem is another issue. We rely on the vendors (i.e. NMS, Dialogic, Cisco) to support the speed up/slow down functions in their WAV drivers. The CCM drivers don't support this and Dialogic only supported it for one of their codecs, which was very annoying. We're looking into ways we can do this on our side of the fence (at the expense of some CPU cycles) without it sounding like chipmunks. This will not be in the 2.4.6 release and I'm not sure when/if it will get in. Not my call at this point.

The 2.4.6 release should get you everything listed other than the speed control functionality. Hang tight...

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect
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