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Am I asking too much of the Cisco DX 650 phone?

At the beginning of the week, I had high hopes for the DX 650.  I set up this device with the hopes that it would not be a Cius 2.0 device.  However, when trying to setup some of the non-standard calling features, the device seems to bog down and become painful to use.  Here is what I setup, or tired to setup:


External 24" monitor

Logitech C930 camera

Bluetooth wireless keyboard and mouse

Proximity via Bluetooth to my iPhone

VMWare Horizon client


I have to say, the Bluetooth connectivity is poor and clunky.  The iPhone would not stay connected, and the DX 650 would rarely show my phone as a second device for calling.  Contacts were synced sometimes, and if I left the room and came back, it would not connect again.  In addition, having the Bluetooth keyboard and mouse were slow when everything was connected.  The keyboard and mouse would connect, sometimes.  Before anyone judges me, I am not using the WiFi at all.

The Horizon View client is OK, but when you are in a video call, it is horribly slow.  I ultimately disconnected the Bluetooth and went back to a wired keyboard and mouse.  I also disconnected the external Logitech camera.  With all the other devices disconnected, the video calling and Horizon View client were usable, but not great.

If I reboot the phone, it is OK for a while.....  

Am I asking too much of this device?  It has potential, but how can I recommend this as an all-in-one solution to my customers?  Will it get better?  I still want to test the VPN connectivity on top of all I mentioned above, but I am afraid it will be disappointing at best....





New Member

hi Jesse,have you tried the

hi Jesse,

have you tried the latest dx650 firmware? cmterm-dx650.10-2-2-23.cop.sgn

Cisco has done a huge improvement compared to old firmwares. I can understand your experience, but i was surprised, when i´ve done an upgrade the latest Software Version of the DX.

Best regards

New Member

Simo, I did load the latest

Simo, I did load the latest firmware as you listed, before I started.  




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