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AMIS and Digital Networking in Unity 3.x

Sanity check time. . .


Legacy VM AMIS (111) - Unity AMIS / Digital (222) - Unity AMIS / Digital (333)

Unity 3.1.5 on both Unity systems - Voice Mail Only

Unity system 222 that is enabled with both AMIS and Digital Networking has a

AMIS destination 111 defined with the correct AMIS dialing information for the

Legacy VM that is AMIS enabled and has also correctly replicated location 333

information from digital networking from Unity system 333. Unity system 222

is able to talk to both other remote systems.

Unity system 333 learns about location 111 (AMIS) from Unity system 222 as


If a subscriber on 333 composes a message to a recipient to a recipient on

the legacy VM 111, since 333 is AMIS enabled, will it attempt to dial to the

legacy VM, or will this message be passed to Unity system 222 for it to dial?

Thanks for the clarification.


Re: AMIS and Digital Networking in Unity 3.x

With AMIS, which ever Unity node owns the AMIS delivery location is that one that sends the messages out.

So in your situation, a message from a subscriber on 333 to a subscriber on 111 will go out from 222 because 222 is the Unity node that owns the AMIS delivery location 111. If you were to put an AMIS delivery location on 333, say 112, and then subscribers addressed messages using that 112 delivery location, then the messages would go out on 333.

Make sense?

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Re: AMIS and Digital Networking in Unity 3.x

I had to ask, just to verify that what I thought I knew about AMIS was credable.

We had a new site coming up - and I thought that there was DNS resolution

issues on the new box - thus affecting Exchange to Exchange communication.

But, I had a TAC engineer tell me that AMIS messages would go out the local

server if it was AMIS enabled; and he justified it by mentioning that the delivery

location 111 which was replicated from 222 to 333 showed AMIS as the type

and not SMTP.



Re: AMIS and Digital Networking in Unity 3.x

If you can send me the case number I will follow up with the engineer.



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