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AMIS Name Announcement

I have an AMIS account created in Unity (say extension 5210 on both Unity and Remote system). From the remote system of this same 5210 account, I sent a message to a real Unity account (say extension 6220 in Unity). Will Unity be able to pick up the sender's inforamtion and announce the name of this AMIS account for the recepient of this message? I tried but it would always announced - "Network ID xxx, extension 5210" instead of the name of this account.

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Re: AMIS Name Announcement

AMIS doesn't have any provision for sending user data back and forth between systems (i.e. like VPIM or OctelNet protocols do). As such if you don't have an AMIS subscriber with a voice name recorded on it you wont get voice name confirmation when addressing to that ID.

The Cisco Unity Bridge offers this type of functionality with OctelNet (i.e. the first time you message a user "blindly" we get information back about that account including their voice name and we create a local contact with that data so the next time you address to that user you get name confirmation).


Re: AMIS Name Announcement

If you have created an AMIS subscriber in Unity for the remote user, and have recorded a voice name for the AMIS subscriber (you can record the voice name in the Unity SA), then when a Unity subscriber gets a message from that remote AMIS subscriber, over the TUI, the message is announced as from " at location

Else ".

Also, not related to spoken name but similar behavior, in Outlook, the From field will display as "" rather than _

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