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AMIS to Octel

I have setup amis and this is the error message I am receiving:

Event Type: Error

Event Source: CiscoUnity_Notifier

Event Category: Error

Event ID: 1043

Date: 10/2/2003

Time: 4:48:53 PM

User: N/A

Computer: CHR-UNITY01


Error: AMIS message from Cisco Unity subscriber cn=Unity_CHR-UNITY01,cn=Recipients,ou=First Administrative Group,o=Voice-Lab-EX2K to the remote recipient 2568903930_3928 cannot be delivered because it was rejected by the destination node. The sender was sent an NDR. In the recipient's address, the first number is the Cisco Unity AMIS delivery location Dial ID, and the second number is the recipient's remote mailbox number. Recommended Action: In the Cisco Unity Administrator, confirm that the AMIS Node ID on the Primary Locations page exactly matches the AMIS system number configured for the Unity node on the remote AMIS system. Confirm that the remote mailbox number of the intended recipient is correct. If the recipient is configured as an AMIS subscriber on Cisco Unity, confirm that the extension address listed in Exchange is correct. Confirm that the voice mailbox for the recipient on the remote system is accepting messages and is not full. For more information, click:

The Octel is setup to receive from any system.

I have gone through the AMIS Netowrking Doc. and am not sure what to try next

thank you,


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Re: AMIS to Octel

Try using the Unity Diagnostic Tool to set AMIS macro traces. Particularly the micro trace Conv AMIS 28 AMIS Frames. That will show you the protocol packets being sent back and forth on the phone call. The AMIS white paper at will be helpful in determining any rejection codes the remote AMIS system is sending.

Also, you can use the Port Status Monitor in the Tools Depot to watch the activity on the line while the call is being made. Verify that the remote system is in fact answering and that dtmfs are being sent back and forth.

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Re: AMIS to Octel

thanks.... I fixed the problem

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