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An investigation in voip call manger

Dear All

This is my very first message on this forum and I hope i came to the right section, otherwise I do apologise in advanced!!

I must admit that I came here in hope to get some help and direction from all of you.

I am in my final year of university and have to produce a dissertation.

My idea was "something" about VOIP but not sure what precisely!

As you all might know, the dissertation can be

- an investigation

- an analysis

- or an artefact

Let's say, I like to produce a thesis about

"An investigation between VoIP call manager  and another software"

I am not sure what other software / products are out there that compete with cisco call manager!??

Also, how would I investigate into it!?

I am mean, my head is completely blank and really depressed cos I am stuck and not sure where to start.

To give an example:

Lets say i write a thesis about "an investigation on how RAM STORAGE and HDD storage work"

Then I would know that, I had to talk about

- the background of storage

- types and characteristics  of storages

- how each works

- threats

- etc etc etc

But regards the VOIP!

I am completely lost :( I am not sure what exactly to produce a thesis about!

Sometimes I think like : to take an imaginary medium established business who like to use VOIP and me then having to investigate into it, produce plans, prices, setups, risk analysis etc etc etc

Pls do not shout at me :( I am already in very low mood.

Would be great if you could help me on this

Thanks indeed


Ps: if you shift this thread to a different section pls let me know

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Community Member

An investigation in voip call manger


I really thought I would get some feedback/ideas/suggestions

But I guess I came to the "wrong" forum!

Sorry to have you bothered you guys.

Much appreciated

An investigation in voip call manger


This is not the correct forum for such questions however I can answer some:

Cisco's competition in no particular order - MS Lync, Shoretel, Avaya, Mitel etc.

Google will be your friend here. Check out Gartner's magic quadrant for unified communications to see a comparison between various vendors and the pros/cons of each solution.

Good luck on your thesis!

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