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Analog in/out

I was wondering what would be the best way to handle analog lines that I need to be used on IP Phones for both incoming and out going calls. The analog lines would be seperate from the rest of our lines and would appear on 3 or 4 phones and when they dial a phone number it would have to go out on the same analog lines. I would also like to include in this same scenerio, backup to an analog phone in case of power failure.


Re: Analog in/out

I think if you can do this if the analog lines are connected to a gateway controlled by MGCP. You could manipulate with Partitions/CSS and make the IP phones to always use the same analog lines to make calls. Ofcourse to receive calls, you could configure DID.

Re: Analog in/out

You could set up route patterns with different access codes (other than 9) which send the access code to the router. Then have matching dial peers on an H.323 router to point to the specific port.

This way users must dial the correct access code for that line.

The inbound side is easier because you would have to set up specific destination patterns for those ports anyway.


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