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Analog level settings

I'm getting intermittent cutoffs between my 6624 card and my IVR system. I have purchased a new vg248 gateway which I'm hoping will solve the problem, but still looking for recommendations for proper port signal settings for POTs lines.

New Member

Re: Analog level settings

It seems that the Cisco 6624 card have some bugs. You could check out the bugs CSCdv50261 and CSCdv27287

Hope this helps!

Cisco Employee

Re: Analog level settings


The description is pretty vague. I don't think the issue is your signal levels on the 6624. If that was the case, you would have issues such as echo or low volume levels.

Since you did not provide any version information (CM or 6624), I would first recommend that you get the latest 6624 load available for your CM version. This will be in the form of a SP for your CM version.


Dan Keller

Cisco Systems

New Member

Re: Analog level settings

Thanks for the suggestion Dan...I'm running CM 3.2 with A002030139S1 as load for the 6624.

The calls get placed fine. Occassionally while waiting in the IVR que, the call will drop for some unknown reason. We do not believe it is the caller hanging-up, but it is hard to re-create and hard to trace.

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