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Analog(PSTN) Call to Application

I have two Applications running on an IBM Websphere VoiceServer and a Nuance VoiceServer. They are on Global IPs. The servers are H.323 compliant. The application responds to voice traffic.

I have one of my Phone lines going into my FXO and that port is mapped to reach the Application Server. However, the call is connected to the number and the Show Active Voice Call shows "Active" on the Router but the caller cannot hear anything from the application. The same happens when I try connecting to the Server thru a phone line on my FXS.

The following scenarios Work :

NetMeeting from any PC to the Application Server.

Analog(PSTN) call to the FXO/Router/Gateway Configured to reach my NetMeeting

What Does not Work :

An Analog call to the FXO/Router/Gateway configured to reach the Application.

Need help on this Issue real bad.

Cisco Employee

Re: Analog(PSTN) Call to Application

this may help:

also try doing a show voice dsp and watch for packet count incrementing in both directions, if it is increasing in both directions, the rtp stream is up and the problem lies elsewhere.

New Member

Re: Analog(PSTN) Call to Application

Thanks! actually something else worked! Since the call originated on a PSTN, the source IP Address of IP traffic to the server was my gateway's. The server, by default, kept looking for a name to that IP and kept sending Reverse DNS requests, which obviously did not get resolved because my gateway does not have a WINS name to it. Once we added a static name in the LMHOSTS file, everything worked. However, we now have issues with this voice traffic actually producing the desired result. The app responds late and with much less success to traffic from a PSTN than digital traffic(from an IP terminal like NetMeeting). any ideas??

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