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Anonymous Call Rejection

Does anyone have idea/suggestion for anonymous call rejection in the following configuration:

PRI --> Adtran Atlas 550 --> VG200 --> CCM 3.0(11)

Telco says no, Adtran says no.....options ???


Re: Anonymous Call Rejection

Are you running any kind of translation on the incoming CLI. I've known problems whereby incoming calls with unknown CLI are hitting Phones with Call forwards back to external numbers and the gateway rejects the call because the outgoing CLI from the CM is full of non-numeric Characters.

It could be you have the same problem, have a look at the call manager trace file and see if you can see the call hit call manager and how CM is trying to route the call and then what rejects it. Trace files can be a bit daunting at first but after 30 minutes of staring they become obvious.


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Re: Anonymous Call Rejection

Thanks for the reply Paul. What I want to do is block inbound calls from the PSTN that do not present their ID. Any ideas ??

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Re: Anonymous Call Rejection

You may want to take at look at Class Of Restriction lists "corlist" under the dial-peer, answer-address .T. So anything that has 1 or more digits in the Caller ID will be passed, Map this as a subset to the outgoing dial-peer cor. Not done this but it looks promising. This with the dial-peers I recon assumes an H.323 IOS Gateway not MGCP so probably rules out the VG200 unless you can fall back to H.323 See:

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