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New Member

Any Advantage to 3.2?

I'm starting a very important AVVID install and am trying to decide if 3.2 is, well, stable. I'm enjoying success with 3.12C(SPD) and am "anxious" about 3.2.

Is it stable? Is anyone using it in large deployments? Is there some "killer feature" that I can't live without?

Appreciate some quick insights.


Cisco Employee

Re: Any Advantage to 3.2?

There are a couple of new features in 3.2. I think 3.2(2) is coming out very soon and should be a farely stable release. Unless there is a new feature you can't live without I would stick with 3.1(3a)spd and I think spe will be out shortly.

Here is a brief list of the new features in 3.2

ATA-186 integration (skinny)

Auto-answer with Speakerphone

BAT - Extension mobility insert and update


Globalization of CallManager

Configurable text line label

Drop last conference party

H.323 scalability enhancements

Scalable shared line configuration

Web Attendant consult transfer

Voice mail integration enhancements

Thank you,


New Member

Re: Any Advantage to 3.2?

We currently have 3.2 installed at 3 locations and are having no issues (one of the locations is our office) It has been stable and been very little trouble since it was installed. Some of these installs have been in for awhile and some only 3 weeks - it is really a take your pick sort of a thing. We like it and it has been working well.

Good luck!


New Member

Re: Any Advantage to 3.2?

According to Cisco Engineering 3.2 has yet to reach the level of stability that would make it viable in any business critical implementation. In fact, with the exclusion of the few additional features 3.2 is only a "bug fix" load. If you check out the CCO bug page on this site you will find that there are over 700 identified bugs in CallManager 3.2 software alone - not to mention the peripheral applications (JTAPI, etc.).

I would be cautious about rushing into 3.2. I am implementing a new installation and due to the nature of the installation and our size as a client Cisco will not ship 3.2 unless we are willing to sign a disclaimer.

I do have a couple of fairly successful 3.1 installations. I recently finished the first phase of an installation that will eventually (if budget permits) scale to about 7,000 devices. Things are working well so far - but it is important to note that a detailed assesment of the current infrastructure is vital to the probability of success. I had to perform a number of IOS upgrades to existing hardware to adequately prepare the network. Oh, and save yourself some time - program the VLANS manually - I programmed two new 6509's as VTP servers and well, VTP pruning leaves something to be desired. The result was slow data throughput due to processor utilization in the client switches. Ran it through TAC and they were unable to recitfy the problem - so from now on I will just program the trunks.


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