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any reason for layer 3 switch

I have to purchase a switch for around 30 users at a small office. My intention was to get a managed layer 2. that can do VLANs but if and when we get voip going would we have a need for a layer 3? I can't imagine why we would route between the workstations and the phone VLANs. Would there be another reason that we might care to spend the money for it?

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Re: any reason for layer 3 switch

I'm sure there are many reasons why you would want inter-vlan routing on a L3 switch.

A few reasons I have come across:

accessing voicemail/unity system because unity integrates with exchange which might be on a different vlan.

IP Communicator users coming in from the outside on a different VLAN. They would need to be able to reach the callmanager server.

Any of the unified software that integrates with your desktop PC. The desktop PC would need access to the CM server in the different VLAN.

Those are just a few...

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