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Any recommended IP telephony conferences?

We are looking to move to IP telephony. I need to get up to speed on all that is involved to do this. I am looking to get some training and attend a conference. I was wondering what the best conference is out there that deals mostly with IP telephony. Does any one have any recommendations? Right now I am looking at VoiceCon 2007 or Internet & Telephony. Does any one have any experience with either one of these conference? Are they any good?




Re: Any recommended IP telephony conferences?

Troy, CIPTUG is what you are looking for. I've been a few times and I'm hoping to go this year as well.

You can find more information at:

It's a user's group, so there are plenty of user based presentations, but Cisco is one of the sponsors, so you get some valuable feedback from them. There are plenty of non-disclosure meetings, so be sure to sign the non-disclosure form before you go so you can attend those.

There is also Networkers, but that's more broadbased, but I'm sure you can concentrate on IPTel sessions there and not have any time to spare.

You'll make good contacts at both, but you'll likely get quicker replies from the users you end up meeting. ;)

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Re: Any recommended IP telephony conferences?

Hi Troy,

Just wanted to add a little to Lelio's great info here (imagine 3 Canadians in one thread :) Here are a few "getting started" type docs to get you reading/thinking before you head off to these excellent conferences;

Ten Tips for Migrating To IP Telephony

IP Telephony Deployment Best Practices

This detailed case study describes the lessons learned from Cisco IT's ground-breaking deployment of over 54,000 IP phones in Cisco sites all over the world. The case study is in a series of modules designed to show customers how Cisco IT planned and managed this global deployment. This 132-page PDF includes detailed figures and its readable style make it accessible to both technical and business planners.

Best practices highlighted

Installer checklists provided

This is an excellent book;

Road to IP Telephony, The: How Cisco Systems Migrated from PBX to IP Telephony

Best of luck! Let us know how you are making out.


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