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New Member

Anyone still stupidly running Unity 2.4.0 (I need help)

Yes - believe it or not we still run Unity 2.4.0 build 127 on Exchange 5.5.

I'm not actually sure when the problem occurred, because I haven't had to add/del/edit a subscriber in a long time, but I can no longer add new users.

Every time I attempt to do so, I get "An unrecognized error has occurred. The new subscriber was not successfully added."

When I checked the Exchange Administrator on Unity, I can see that it creates the mailbox and creates the user in the domain. It doesn't create a call handler for the user though.

Two things I know of that have recently happened:

1.) I downloaded and installed the Microsoft security patches for Nachi/Code-Red/Ms-Blaster.

2.) A forced password change on the network (although, the service account and EXAdministator accounts were not forced to change passwords).

Now, I've downloaded and used dbwalker to check things out and it reports no errors at all.

I've tried creating the new mailbox on our primary exchange server and importing it as a subscriber.

Even though the mailbox alias exists, Unity can not find it nor see it (yes, this IS after directory synchronization).

So, it seems I can't do anything related to creating a new user. I'm afraid to attempt to edit an existing user for fear that I unreversably damage their mailbox and leave them without voice mail.

Thanks to this problem, I already have one person without it.

Anyone have a suggestion?

Cisco Employee

Re: Anyone still stupidly running Unity 2.4.0 (I need help)

That's OK, there's still one guy out there running 2.2, believe it or not - I guess they really, really like it.

You say you forced some password changes - any chance you changed the PW of the account that's associated with the AvCSMgr service? If so, did you remember to change the PW in the SCM as well? Off the cuff it sounds like we're not getting rights to the directory information in Exchange for whatever reason.

Also, what happens when you try to import a test user using the bulk import tool found in the unity program group? Do the new users show up there (this tool uses a different method of listing available users for import)? Does it fail in the same way when you import a user (assuming you can see them)?

New Member

Re: Anyone still stupidly running Unity 2.4.0 (I need help)

Well, I guess I don't feel so bad about 2.4 then.

Anyhow, in response to your questions:

1. No, the AvCSMgr account pass was not changed. It uses the service account for Exchange and I know that was untouched.

2. I attempted to import a Test User and was unsuccessful. The error log dump was:


Unable to create User, Error column:0,Test,Import,99992,1

That block before Test on line 2 is filled in, but I can't paste that here. I did not add anything (even whitespace wise) prior to the T in Test when I created the original CSV. Also, the two headings NOTES do not appear in my csv file.

Cisco Employee

Re: Anyone still stupidly running Unity 2.4.0 (I need help)

I'm a little confused by your second item there... if you created a user in Exchange and import it using the bulk import tool, you don't deal with CSV files at all... CSV files are only for creating brand new users that don't exist in Exchange (it'll fail if the alias conflicts with an existing user).

I was wanting you to create a user in Exchange and then go through the bulk import wizard and select the user from the list of users offered for import from Exchange, not from CSV.

New Member

Re: Anyone still stupidly running Unity 2.4.0 (I need help)

Ah.. I misunderstood.

OK. I created a user/mailbox named Test User (alias TUser) in Exchange. After directory replication between the Exchange Server/Unity Server, I was able to successfully import TUser.

So, it appears that I can successfully create a subscriber from an existing exchange mailbox, but I can not create a subscriber from scratch via SAWeb.

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