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anyone use DISA with CallManager?

Direct Inward System Access... I know on my old PBX we could do this codes, etc... I know this opens up toll fraud, etc.. but with a code, it's tracked and given out then. Can this happen with CallManager?

Thanks much!



Re: anyone use DISA with CallManager?

CCM does not provide DISA you can configure it:

The common ways to provide DISA functionality in a CallManager environment are with (1) a custom IOS/TCL scripts, (2) with a 3rd party applications

from partners such as Metreos, or (3) with a scripted CRS application. The CRS solution mentioned below is the most supportable.

The first requirement is that you will need to install a licensed copy of IP/IVR into your cluster. Note that the (free) Extended Services

application is not sufficient, since Extended Services does not include the Work Flow Editor required for creating customizable applications such as DISA. Documentation on IP/IVR can be found on CCO at:


For CallManager 3.x, you will want the CRS 3.1(3)sr2 version of

IP/IVR. For CallManager 4.x, you will want the CRS 3.5(2)sr1 version of

IP/IVR. Only service release upgrades are available on CCO, meaning that we will have to work together to get you full install CDs for your initial

lab testing. The basic 5-port IVR (IPIVR-3.X or IPIVR-3.5) can be installed either co-resident with CallManager, or else on a standalone MCS server. A standalone installation can be expanded.

After installing IP/IVR with the workflow editor, you will need to create the DISA workflow application within the IP/IVR application.

You may use a script to allow a user to:

1) Dial the CTI route point. It will ring, answer, and present dial tone.

2) After entering an access code, the user will get dial tone again.

3) The user can then dial the number they wish to call.

Note that similarly to the AXL and other API environment, Cisco does not directly support the applications created within the IVR workflow engine

(like this DISA application), but rather supports the interfaces which make the applications possible.

Normally for Codes we use either FAC or CMC, for Call Access.

We add a parameter in CCM to block Off Net to Off Net calls and transfers. (Service Parameters)



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Re: anyone use DISA with CallManager?

Tommer -

I've setup what I've coined as a "poor mans DISA" for a few clients that insisted on opening their system up for this purpose (something I personally disagree with but the customer is always right - right?). The customers were using any “flavor” of Unity for voicemail (voice only or unified). Anyway, using Unity 4.0.4 or later ( I prefer 4.0.5 or 4.1.1) you can setup a call handler and use a feature called “System Subscriber Transfer” to prompt the caller for their voicemail box (number) and password. After entering a valid combination the user can then enter any valid NANP number and be transferred to that number. I usually set the handler to no greeting but you can record a greeting with instructions or anything you want to say to the caller. The customers I have set this up on have had “backdoor” voicemail numbers so we just map the “DISA” call handler to a number on the backdoor caller input, usually not advertised by the way, and callers can use the same number to check voicemail and access the DISA function. To secure it further and force an authorization code I’ve setup this function on a dedicated voicemail port in a dedicated partition/search space in the lab but never had a customer actually want to enforce this ability. They already were using client matter codes for long distance calls anyway and felt that the voicemail / client matter code combo was enough security.

- Cary

Re: anyone use DISA with CallManager?

I'm trying to picture the System Subscriber Transfer and not quite getting. So you have a call handler play a greeting than automatically do a SST... the caller then inputs their xxxx and PW. They then here a ring tone for a complete xxx-xxx-xxxx?

Does CallManager then track the outgoing call from that xxxx?

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