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Anyone using a VG200 to transcode?

Has anyone been abole to get good results using a VG200 to transcode from G.729 to G.711? All ov the older images are giving users a warbled trype of effect to their voices. The nwere images require more memory than I have and I just want to be sure the VG200 can transcode well before I spend the money.

The VG200 is going end-of-sale and transcoding features have been moved to the 2600XM series routers. Makes me think the VG200 never worked that well at all. Any feedback is appreciated.

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Re: Anyone using a VG200 to transcode?

Hi -

I never had any luck with the VG200 and eventually gave up on it. I use 6608 ports to do transcoding.

My recomendation is to use the 6608 ports if you have them available. Otherwise, try farm on the 2600. However, I have never used the farm on a 2600....


Re: Anyone using a VG200 to transcode?

Thanks for the input Jaret. Anyhone else out there with something to share about the VG200 and it's (in)ability to transcode?

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