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Anyone using the new Attendant Console 1.1(1)??

Is anyone using this? In the readme notes, it says to associate a new user named "ac" with all attendant phones using this application. Won't this affect an individual's control over their own phone? We are using the AD plugin, so when users login to the phone web page, they are using their network login / password. However, the installation guide implies that any user id can be associated, much like the way the old Web Attendant app was. Which is it? In order to use this, does this "ac" user have to be associated with the phone? We have other users who use the web attendant to view line status, not specifically as an attendant console.



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Re: Anyone using the new Attendant Console 1.1(1)??

The 'ac' account is a global service account - AC uses JTAPI so must have a user associated with all the lines/phones for control. You still create the individual (web)attendant user accounts.

You can also still assign individual access to the phone from the CCMUser pages.

I also strongly advise you to look at bug id CSCdx47467 if you are using any CRA applications (extension mobility/AA included) co-resident on a CM server in a cluster running the new AC - there is a clash between the new TCD and the application engine which means the Application engine will fail to start if TCD starts first. I have already hit this in the lab.

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Re: Anyone using the new Attendant Console 1.1(1)??

Ok, that makes a little more sense. We are not using any CRA apps, but that still good to know!

Thanks for you help!


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