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api's for unity?

are there currently any api's for unity? and if so could someone point me in the right direction for documentation. thanks.

Cisco Employee

Re: api's for unity?

There's no supported APIs published for folks to use at this point... I am currently hip-deep in writing up documentation (architecture doc, data object model, data dictionary, code samples etc...) on how to administer Unity programatically going straight to SQL and not having to tangle with anything else.

For Unity 4.0 and later it will be possible (and hopefully supported... I'm working on that) for folks to just script their own SQL stuff to add/change/delete subscribers and other objects in the Unity database and push that info to the directory we're hooked up to (e55, e2k, domino). Much of this is going to go into a book a few of us are working on but I plan to publish this stuff as white papers ahead of that and also get some code samples out on AnswerMonkey that show how to do some of this in VB.

You can do a lot of this in 3.x (most of the tools on AnswerMonkey go directly to SQL any more) however many times they must run on box for a variety of reasons. The big item in 4.0 will be that you can do this all off box easily through stored procedures and the like. It'll be much cleaner.

At the moment, everything will be done directly to SQL. Eventually we will have a snappy XML based interface and probably others that folks can use but that'll have come a bit later.

New Member

Re: api's for unity?

thanks for the reply Jeff.

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